How do I give or process a refund?

How do I give or process a refund?

Click Adjustments

Click Refunds(The list is sorted to show all tenants with a refund due to show at the top)

Click the Tenant or Unit

On the refund screen there are several options

Step #1

a. Return to Customer

b. Apply to Another Unit Leased by This Tenant-If the tenant is renting other units the refund can be transferred and then applied to that unit.

c. Dismiss Refund as Unowed-Use this option to clear the refund

d. Apply to This Unit’s Charges-To use this option please access Adjustments, Moved out Accounts, Click the Unit, Check the box to apply refund to charges.

Choose one of the options

Step #2

Check the Amounts to Return

Step #3

If you chose Return to Customer enter the retunr method.

Otherwise Click OK to complete transaction