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Unlike many other Self Storage software packages, SiteLink Web Edition is a fully featured suite of products, all designed to help any Self Storage facility manage daily tasks and importantly, make money.

Through facility and task automation, SiteLink allows the following up of your customers, the handling of sales leads and reservations, past due scheduling, invoicing and billing to become a simple process.

With the help of reminders and other processing tools, SiteLink takes the time and hassle out of your day-to-day operations, giving you more time to focus on your facility and customers.


The courses you’ll find throughout are designed to outline the fundamental operations behind the SiteLink software and help you familiarize yourself with all SiteLink has to offer.

From basic, day-to-day operations, to more advanced processes and database setup, SiteLink – Certified Professional provides you with the knowledge and insight to seamlessly navigate the SiteLink Web Edition front-to-back.

Begin by downloading your copy of the SiteLink: Certified Professional Student Handbook here.

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