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How long can my unit names be?

SiteLink supports unit names up to 6 characters, which can be any combination of numbers and letters.  SiteLink does not support hyphens “-” or slash “/” characters in unit names.

I am trying to add more units and I get a message the maximum amount of units has been reached. What do I do?

You’ll need to contact SiteLink Support to discuss increasing the unit limit for your SiteLink Web Edition license.

If I change the default price of a unit does that change what the current tenant in that unit pays?

SiteLink tracks unit rates separately from the rates the tenants are charged.  These are referred to as the Standard Rate and the Tenant Rate, respectively.

When a unit is rented in SiteLink the Standard Rate is used to create a default price for that unit.  That price can be modified during the move-in or anytime after the move-in by changing the Tenant Rate.  This will not affect the Standard Rate.  The next time the unit is rented it will default to the same Standard Rate.

If the Standard Rate is modified for a rented unit it does *not* affect the Tenant Rate for the tenant currently renting the unit.  Modifying the Standard Rate for a rented unit only affects the default rate for the next time that unit is rented.