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What is the difference between Overlock and Gate Lockout?

Overlock is a status that can be placed on a unit to signify that a second lock has manually been placed on the tenant’s past due unit to prevent them from opening the unit.  Overlock status must be applied and removed manually by a site manager by processing the Overlock and Reverse: Overlock events in SiteLink.

Gate Lockout is an automatic event that marks a tenant’s gate access code as delinquent.  SiteLink will automatically update your gate software to reflect that the tenant’s access code should no longer allow them through the gate.  Once the tenant has paid and is no longer past due SiteLink will automatically update the access code status to allow the tenant through the gate again.

I see Walk Thru Order as a sort option; how do I setup my Walk Thru Order?

The Walk Thru Order is meant to represent the way that units are encountered as you move through the actual physical layout of your facility.  This is so that reports such as the Walk Thru can be used by managers at the site to physically inspect units.

To edit the Walk Thru list choose Setup from the Company screen.

Click on Units & Tenants on the upper left.

Click on WalkThur Order.

You can move units one at a time by dragging them or highlighting them and using the Move Up and Move Down arrows on the right.  You can also select groups of units to be moved by using the Shift key when selecting units.

The Map Tenant reports displays my facility at the wrong address. How can I correct this?

This means the Facility Location information in the Company Information section of SiteLink needs to be updated.

From the Company screen, choose Setup.

Click on Company Information.

Verify that the street address and postal code information in the Contact Information section is correct.

Click the “Update Latitude and Longitude from Address” button on the right.

Click OK to save.