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What are SiteLink eSignTM and advantages of electronic signatures and lease archiving?

SiteLink eSignTM helps to rent units online. eSignTM provides lease auditing and a legally binding electronic signature for SiteLink Web Edition, websites, and call centers.

Expedite your signing process to

  • Perform a full online rental.
  • Rent from a call center by emailing a lease.
  • Receive signature in minutes.
  • Reduce managers’ time to print, fax, scan and email.
  • Audit leases using the SiteLink eSignTM Console and reports.
  • Create legally binding documents with a certificate and forensic audit trail.
  • Execute documents from anywhere.
  • Archive documents reliably using cloud storage.

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How do I start using eSignTM for electronic signature of leases?

Setup requires a few simple steps.

Please click the link below for instructions and videos.

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What mobile devices can I used to complete eSign documents?

Most mobile devices let you capture signatures, including touchscreen monitors, the  iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPad 2, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the Samsung Galaxy S5. Please do not use signature pads.

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What is required for my tenants to sign a document?

Tenants can sign with a mouse.

They can sign using a tablet or smartphone at the store, or, eSign’s  pre-defined font.

If you emailed the tenant a link to the lease or tenants rent online, we recommend the computer mouse or tablet/smartphone for signing the lease.

To learn more about signing a lease:

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Are electronic signatures legal?

Yes, as we understand, electronic signatures are legally binding in the U.S. and many countries. Two compliance acts passed by congress, Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), establish that electronic records and signature have the same effect as paper and handwritten signatures.

Does the signature have to be identical to the handwritten signature?

No, the law recognizes electronic signatures will not be the same as handwritten. It does not matter what the signature looks like. You can use the mouse to draw the signature, a pre-defined font, any tablet, or a smartphone.

How does the storage of the document work?

eSignTM is integrated with SiteLink Web Edition to ensure all documents are stored securely, with reliable fast access anytime.  Completed leases are kept for seven years after tenant vacates and voided documents are kept for 3 years.  After archive periods expire, the documents are deleted.

How do I setup the default subject and body for emailed leases?  

From the main navigator screen, go to Setup: Email: eSign.  Click ‘edit’ on the right of screen, edit the subject and body to your preference and click ok.

How do I manage eSignTM Electronic leases?

The “SiteLink eSign Console” is available in the SiteLink Client on the Company screen: in the Corporate Control Center under Electronic Signature: and in any internet browser. In the eSign Console, you can manage leases sent and voided, signing notifications and other housekeeping tasks.

Signing notifications supported are:

  • Unsigned Leases outstanding, awaiting Tenant Signature.
  • Awaiting Manager Approval
  • Documents Nearing Expiration
  • Completed Documents

In the console, you can view total leases sent and leases sent this month under billing.

Filtering is available in the top right hand corner. Select the period you want to review using this filter.

Use this console to monitor the document through the approval process and to manage the signing process.

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How do I know if an email recipient received an eSignTM lease?

eSignTM does not track when recipients receive or read email.

How do I resend completed/incomplete agreements?

Manage eSignTM leases from the Sitelink eSignTM Console.
For instructions and videos on this feature:

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Can tenants sign using pen and paper, then fax back a document?

Yes, but the document is outside of eSignTM.

What is the certificate page that is attached to the document?

Each document signed with eSignTM is part of an audit trail to help protect against tampering. The audit trail contains IP addresses, timestamps and history of touches and each user. This certificate is the last page of the eSignTM document.