Advanced Operations

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How do I enter a bad or NSF check?

Click Adjustments

Click NSF Payment Reversal

Click/Search the Unit or Tenant

Click on the receipt or check number

Choose your options on the right.

Note if late fee is not check Sitelink will add the late fee automatically if the tenant meets the late criteria.

Only choose add late fee if you wish to add a additional late fee.


How do I delete a payment?

Once the daily close has been performed all payments are locked and cannot be deleted.

If the daily close has not been performed since the payment:

Click Adjustments

Click Ledger Adjustments

Click the Tenant or Unit

Click on the payment/receipt

Click Void Receipt

You will be prompted to process a refund.

Only click yes to give refund if you are refunding the money back to a credit card through Sitelink.

Otherwise click No and void the credit card payment using your processor.

For Cash and Check payments click No.

Follow the prompts to complete.

How do I give or process a refund?

Click Adjustments

Click Refunds(The list is sorted to show all tenants with a refund due to show at the top)

Click the Tenant or Unit

On the refund screen there are several options

Step #1

a. Return to Customer

b. Apply to Another Unit Leased by This Tenant-If the tenant is renting other units the refund can be transferred and then applied to that unit.

c. Dismiss Refund as Unowed-Use this option to clear the refund

d. Apply to This Unit’s Charges-To use this option please access Adjustments, Moved out Accounts, Click the Unit, Check the box to apply refund to charges.

Choose one of the options

Step #2

Check the Amounts to Return

Step #3

If you chose Return to Customer enter the retunr method.

Otherwise Click OK to complete transaction


How do I return Merchandise?

Click Adjustments

Click Returns & Inventory Adjustments

Step #1

Click Return

Enter the receipt number or search

Step #2

Enter the Reason

Step #3

Click on the item to be returned

Click on the Green + sign to add

In Return Selected Items, enter the quantity to be returned.

Repeat Step #3 for all returned items

Step #4

Choose either:

a. Leave Refund on Account-This option will allow  applying the Returned Refund Amount to the tenants account.  If a Walk In POS you must Return to Customer

b. Return to Customer

Complete transaction

What is Bad Debt and how is it adjusted?

Bad debt is money owed by a moved out tenant.

Bad debt can be written off or adjusted from:

Click Adjustments

Click Move Out Accounts

Click the Tenant or Unit

Check the box to write off bad debt or click Edit Charges and Payments to credit charges.

Bad Debt can be written off in Corporate Control Center as well.

By default bad debt cannot be written off in the same month of the move out.

To change this setting:

Click Setup

Click Program Defaults

Click Move Out

Check the box “Allow Writing Off Bad Debts at Move Out.


How Do I Add an Authorized User to a Unit?

Secondary Tenants or “Other Authorized Users” in SiteLink are tenant records that are associated with a rented unit, and can gain access through the gate system with a unique access code.

From the Operations screen, choose “Access” in the “Customers” section on the right.

Choose the account you wish to add secondary tenants to and click Next.

Using the list on the bottom left, choose tenant records to add as Other Authorized Users and click the “Add ->” button on the right to grant them access through the selected unit.  You can add new tenant records (and give them a specific access code) using the “+Add” button at the bottom of the list.

After you’ve clicked the “Add->” button to assign the secondary tenant to the list on the right you can use the “Edit” button above to makes changes to the access code or time zone settings.

Some gate update systems do not support Other Authorized Users.

How do I change the day of the month (i.e. Anniversary Date) a tenant is due on?

From the Company screen, choose “Utilities”

Click on “Edit Anniversary Billing Date”

Choose the unit you want to change by checking the box to the left, then click “Edit” on the right.

In the “Billing Anniversary” section choose the “Anniversary Billing” option if it is not already checked, then change the “New Anniversary Day” setting.

*Important* Click “Save” before clicking “OK” to close the screen.