How do I manage eSignTM Electronic leases?

How do I manage eSignTM Electronic leases?

The “SiteLink eSign Console” is available in the SiteLink Client on the Company screen: in the Corporate Control Center under Electronic Signature: and in any internet browser. In the eSign Console, you can manage leases sent and voided, signing notifications and other housekeeping tasks.

Signing notifications supported are:

  • Unsigned Leases outstanding, awaiting Tenant Signature.
  • Awaiting Manager Approval
  • Documents Nearing Expiration
  • Completed Documents

In the console, you can view total leases sent and leases sent this month under billing.

Filtering is available in the top right hand corner. Select the period you want to review using this filter.

Use this console to monitor the document through the approval process and to manage the signing process.

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